2024 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Judges

        1. Janet Abbott–Co-founder & Vice-President of BANA, the Balneology Association of North America. https://www.balneology.org/
        2. Mary Bemis — Founder & Editorial Director, Insider’s Guide to Spas
        3. Brian Banifatemi–The People Podcast
        4. Mary-Elizabeth Gifford –Contributing Writer, Lucid News; Chair, Global Wellness Institute’s Psychedelics and Healing Initiative
        5. Kelsey Clough–Director of Content & Marketing Strategy, Office of Marketing and Communications, WV Dept. of Commerce
        6. Emmanuel Itier –Filmmaker, CEO, Wonderland Entertainment
        7. Mark Kraham — Director of Communications, Asian American Center of Frederick
        8. Stephanie Kalina-Metzger –Freelance Writer/Editor, CheesePlatesandRoomService.com, TravelGumbo.com
        9. Bill Lynch — Producer, Inside Appalachia, WVPB, Columnist for the Charleston Gazette-Mail
        10. Frances Kuo –Correspondent/Producer, CGTN America (China Global Television Network)
        11. Danielle Hedges, Programming Director & Morning Show Host, Cool 92.9 WXDC